Divadlo Continuo theatre – SCARS IN THE STONE

Presented by Continuo Theatre
With financial support of: The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, The South Bohemia Region, The International Visegrad Fund, The City of Netolice and The Village of Malovice

SCARS IN THE STONE, August 12 – 18, 2010, Daily from 9 P.M., Farmstead Rábín

Theatre performance inspired by the meetings with people who have lived and worked in the  Rábín farmstead.

For more than ten years, each summer Continuo Theatre has been presenting an international theatre project, always meant for a specific non-theatrical location near its headquarters in Malovice. After ten years of the festival Kratochvílení, two projects on the dam and on the surface of the pond Otrhanec in Malovice, last years’ performance was traveling in and around the train between Netolice and Malovice. This year the project will take place in a location, which bears hidden scars of the history of the 20th century – large farmstead Rábín near Malovice.

Originally the renaissance farmstead has a long and troubled history. His prosperity came in the 19th century under the leadership of František Horský, when the farmstead was taken over by the aristocratic family Schwarzenberg. It seems like the place of Rábín magnetized all the important events in our modern history. During the Second World War the farm served as headquarter of Nazis in South Bohemia, then there were partisan fights and bomb attacks. The farmstead remembers a short time of liberty before the communist putsch, and the era of socialism with the phenomenon of forced collectivization by bolshevist economists, that brought the devastation of the formerly flourishing place. The effects of the socialistic agricultural politics are visible until today, when the place is still recovering from recent historical events.

20 young artists – performers, dancers, actors, visual artists and musicians from Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Italy, Greece, Croatia and other European countries will participate in the preparation of the performance SCARS IN THE STONE under the leadership of the members of Continuo Theatre.

A historical research about the locality, meetings with people who lived and worked there and the observation of the present life in the farm became to be inspiration of our project. The performance will move around several of the very different locations of the farmstead Rábín, the audience will move following the action and have the possibility to discover the diversity of the place.